The Salley Wedding, 11/1/20

We're so excited to be part of Patrick and Shatarra's wedding day this Sunday in Charleston South Carolina. Founders Hall will be the venue for this special occasion. Also, looking forward to working with some great wedding vendors to make their day, one to remember! Let's get to know this beautiful couple!

Images by Montez Hilliard, A Silent Memory Photography

When, where and how did the two of you meet?

Shatarra attended South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. During her freshman year of SCSU, her and Patrick met during homecoming weekend. The exact date was October 8th, 2011. Patrick approached Shatarra and they both conversed and has been talking ever since.

What was your first impression of each other?

Patrick's 1st impression of Shatarra: "I felt like she was fine and someone worth approaching."

Shatarra's 1st impression of Patrick: "He's really cute and I'm interested in getting to know him better."

Describe your first date

Our 1st date was a trip to AppleBees in Orangeburg, SC. Shatarra ordered a Riblet basket and Patrick ordered a Shrimp & steak skillet. We ate, laughed and conversated all throughout the night.

How long before you realized that you were in love?

Patrick: "I realized that I was in love when she appeared to be different. Her values and standards was more than the average person I've met".

Shatarra: "I realized that I was in love with Patrick when I emotionally felt like whatever he endured, I endured also. He had grown to be my best friend and I never wanted to be without him."

Who said I love you first?

Patrick said "I love you" first.

At what point did it first occur to you that this might be the person you would marry?

Patrick: "When i realized that we were totally opposite and I felt like there was no reason for her to be with me and she stayed with me."

Shatarra: " I just knew that I had grown to love this person and knew that I was willing to stay by his side through the good and the bad."

How did you propose? What was the reaction?

Shatarra was a registered nurse working the night shift at the moment. She came home on the morning of October 8th, 2017. I ran out to the store to grab a few items. By the time I returned back home, she had already showered and was preparing to get some rest for her next shift that night. I gathered the balloons and roses and brought it in the room where she was asleep. I tapped her to wake up and I knelt down on one knee, presenting the ring to her, I asked her to be my wife. She was shocked and happy. I was excited and felt like what I did was meaningful.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Patrick: "I am most looking forward to the pastor announcing us as Mr. & Mrs. Salley"

Shatarra: "I am most looking forward to walking down the aisle to my future husband."

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