Couple of the Week, with Whitney & JR

Image: Rudy Jefferson Photography

We're looking forward to celebrating Whitney and JR's wedding this weekend! Get to know more about their love story...

When, where and how did the two of you meet?

We met on Facebook. Our conversation started on July 28, 2011 when JR wrote saying “Thanks for the add”. We soon made it official on August 8, 2011

What was your first impression of each other?

I automatically thought that JR was a nice guy. I found him to be very different from any other man I had ever met before. I found Whitney to be a very beautiful girl. I was instantly attracted to her.

Describe your first date.

Our first date was at The Village of Sandhills. We walked around Sandhills and got to know each other on a better level. We shared a venti vanilla bean from Starbucks as we walked around.

Image: Rudy Jefferson Photography

How long before you realized that you were in love? I knew I was in love with JR when our parents met over Christmas break in 2011. My parents and his parents got along so well and I knew that was the icing on the cake because JR was already perfect. I knew I was in love with Whitney when we were walking around the neighborhood one night. We had a very intimate conversation where we discussed our goals and dreams with each other. I knew from that night that I can see myself building a future with her.

Who said I love you first?

JR said that he loved me first.

At what point did it first occur to you that this might be the person you would marry? It was the late night conversations that allowed both of us to know that this may be a forever type of love. Over the phone we would discuss everything, from how we wanted to both get married and have children in the future, to how we would finish our degrees and then pursue our masters.

How did you propose? What was the reaction? I proposed to Whitney by getting a company named Perfect Proposals to do the surprise proposal. Their job was to book the restaurant for us to eat at and then decorate the park that I chose to propose to her at. I chose a small park right in the heart of Charlotte. The company decorated a part of the park with glowing candles and rose petals all around it. The candles spelled out, Will you marry me? I tricked Whitney into thinking we were going to the park and then out for ice cream. She was walking ahead of me and just talking her head off. She stopped when she saw the candles. She read what the candles had said and then turned around to look at me. When she turned around, I was already down on one knee with the ring in my hand. She was so shocked and excited. Whitney began to cry instantly, she said yes, and then hugged me and kissed me. My photographer, Rudy Jefferson, was already there at the scene to capture the moment. We both were beyond happy.

Image: Rudy Jefferson Photography

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? I am mostly looking forward to seeing Whitney smile and being happy on our wedding day. I am mainly looking forward to enjoying the moment with just him and our close family and friends. I am beyond excited about sharing our special memories together and then beginning our new journey as husband and wife.

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