Couple of the Week, Lakisha & Titus

Image: Purple Goose Photography

We're looking forward to capturing Lakisha and Titus' wedding this weekend at Doko Manor in Columbia, Sc!

1. Tell us a bit about yourselves -- where you were born, grew up, went to school, etc. Lakisha: I was born October 15, 1981 in Columbia, SC and grew up in a small town, Ridgeway, SC. I graduated from Fairfield Central High School and later obtained my Surgical Technologist degree. Titus and I have three wonderful kids who we have enjoyed parenting. I consider myself a very outgoing person who just love to have fun Titus: I was born November 21, 1980 in Columbia, SC and grew up in a small town, Winnsboro, SC where I still resides. I graduated from Fairfield Central High School and later became an Owner Operator.

2. How did you two meet? LOL although we attended different elementary schools, that’s actually how we met. LOL we thought it will be cute to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” since my aunt and uncle was dating his brother and sister at the time. Who would have thought “puppy love” would turn into something so magically.

3. When did you first realize he/she was "the one"? I realized Titus was the one shorty after high school. Although we dated throughout school and conversed daily, he actually became one of my best friends. In 2000, tragedy struck my family and this shy, soft spoken man was the first to reach out to me. I later told him, “You will be my husband one day!”

Image: Purple Goose Photography

4. Who said I love you first? Ummm, that probably was over 20 years ago but I am sure Titus said it. He felled hard for this country, tomboyish girl lol.

5. How did you propose? LOL, I don’t even think it was a formal proposal. We have always talked about marriage and fantasized over it but that is all that it was. Just June 2015, I asked him is he ready to get married since it is no doubt we will grow old and gray together. He said, “I reckon so,” bought a ring, and the planning started from there

6. What will be the best thing about your wedding day? Though it is our wedding, I like to think of it as a BIG Celebration. Young adults being together for 24 years are something to celebrate. The best thing of our day is to see our kids and family all together witness the love we shared for each other.

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