Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Chandlers!

We always enjoy anniversary time. It gives us a chance to reflect on our growth as videographers. Joinne was our very first REAL consult. We sat down and had lunch at Murasaki at the Anderson Mall. She was very professional and made me feel important. Emmanuel was away, working. He's a Children's Doctor! How cool is that? We're very appreciative that they gave us the opportunity to capture their day. We wish you many more years together and congrats on your new addition!

Circa 2014-When we met Emmanuel & Joinne, and heard their engagement story, we knew this was going to be the perfect way to start their film and showcase their beautiful wedding. As the day started and the doors to the wedding hall opened, I don't think Emmanuel's eyes left Joinne as she walked down the aisle to stand beside him and exchange lifetime vows, before family and friends. Their love and trust in God was such a strong part of their wedding, and evident to all who were present. We are honored to have been able to capture such an amazing energy and share with you. Spiritual Gift of Love ~ Featuring ~ "The Chandlers"

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