Featured Couple of the Week, Ryan & Pierce

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How we first met?

The very first time we met was at a housewarming/bday gathering for my best friend Lana, who was also Pierce’s best friend’s fiancé. This was in January.

It was only a hello.

Then, in July at their Myrtle Beach wedding was when we actually exchanged more words than hello. We really connected. I was the maid of honor and he was the best man at their wedding.

First Impression?

He thought I was stuck up and didn’t want to shake his hand.

I thought he was handsome.

First Date?

Our first date was at Ruth’s Chris. It was fun and I’ll never forget how he gave me a “church hug” before we departed. He patted me on the back several times.

How long before we realized we were in love?

I knew after a few months of being with him and so did he.

Who said I love you first?

I casually told him that I love him several times but never formally said, Pierce, I love you.

He was the first to formally say, Ryan, I love you.

How did I know he/she was the one that I want to marry?

Ryan: I already loved him, he treated me like a queen, he was so caring, and so loving, but one of the most important things that took me over the top was that he and my grandfather developed a relationship that literally make me cry every single time I think about it. I really couldn’t imagine life without him.

Pierce: I knew Ryan was the one because I always wanted her in my presence. I’ve never wanted anyone to be in my personal space, but Ryan. Even when she makes me mad, I’m still happy to have her. She made me want to be a better person for her and myself. I also knew because I would always put her first and myself last and I never had to second guess that.

How did he propose?

Believe it or not, I was so rude to him on the day he proposed. I had to get up early and take my grandfather to a doctor’s appointment to have a procedure. Pierce know how I feel about my grandfather. So, we talked throughout the day and when I arrived back to my grandfather’s house I didn’t see his truck outside but he was walking out of the house onto the porch with a green bag and box. I jumped out of the car and left my grandfather sitting there. I totally forgot about him because I knew what time it was. Once we got on the porch, he got down on one knee. This was very special to me because he did it in front of my grandfather and they had already planned this. He parked his truck in the back so it could throw me off.

What are we looking forward to on our wedding day?We are looking forward to celebrating our love for each other with our family and friends. We want to party.

Photo by Charisma Photography

Photo by Charisma Photography

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