Featured Couple of the Week, Tia & Ced

When, where and how did the two of you meet?

We first met in "98" at the fair as teenagers through mutual friends.

*What was your first impression of each other?

Ced- " Pretty Lil red bone", cool and laid back

Tia- I thought Ced was very quite and cute.

*At what point did it first occur to you that this might be the person you would marry?

Tia- Of course over the years after we met and start dating we broke up numerous times to eventually around 2006 we dated exclusively and we're inseparable!

Ced- When down and out Tia stayed the same and never changed. She was always there for me.

*How did you propose? What was the reaction?

Ced- Over dinner at Red Bowl Asian Bistro

Tia- I was speechless when he pulled box out of pocket. I knew it would come one day, just wasn't expecting it was that day!!

*What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Ced- kissing the bride

Tia - looking forward to seeing Ced's face when I walk in!!

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